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Baby Fashion Ideas/HAUL

This post is inspired by BABYJ
Model: Baby J
Photographer : Me for Medeai Photography
Outfit: from
My little one is about to get to that long awaited 3months mark! I can’t stop freaking out….SO GRATEFUL. I always promised myself that I would never scrimp on baby clothes, I know they outgrow it ever so quickly but hey!! Get a camera and capture that look.  

Anyhow we decided to spoil him by doing a little shopping spree! after all, the best time to create a signature style for a baby is from the 3months mark (clothes look and fit better plus more options to choose from). 
Hope you enjoy our little HAUL, I would like to know what you think so please feel free to leave your comments down below. 
Disclaimer: Please do not feel like you have to buy these items for your little one, This post is just to help parents out there who find it difficult to combine baby clothes (trust me it is not as easy as it looks). 
All looks are my own combinations (some pieces came already combined) and I was not approached by any of these companies to showcase the clothes

Look 1:

The CASUAL, I wish I was on holiday right now look. Right now it is Autumn in the UK (Nooooo) so it is safe to say that it is quite cold. That didn’t stop us from day dreaming. I decided to go ahead and purchase this outfit purely for photographs, I love photography so this Romper was oh soo appropriate.

The simple detailing on the sleeveless Romper screams ubber cuteness not to mention how easy it is to get Baby J in and out of. I fell in love on first glance.

With regards to the shorts, Detail details. I really wanted to match the shorts to the romper. I know most people would scream( Romper and Shorts?? ) trust me it works.

The sandals gave me so much Life when I first saw them, not only are they light weight but the detailing on it gave a whole new meaning to cuteness.

Shop the outfit: The complete outfit is from GAP, unfortunately it is no longer available on the website.

Look 2: 

The typical T-SHIRT & JEANS (Signature boy look). This outfit combination can pretty much work for any season. You can throw on a jacket/cardigan for the colder months or just wear it as it is for the warmer months.

For the dads out there who might feel cheated, this slogan tee also comes in navy blue with the saying “I heart DADDY HE IS THE BEST” (also from the same company).

I Love the whole effortless swag jeans, all rumpled and creased but still cool. These jeans come with an elasticated waist, easy to pull on and off.

These shoes are Light weight with velcro straps for ease of wear.

Shop the outfit: The T-shirt and Jeans are from GAP, shoes are from NEXT CLOTHING.

Look 3

I have to be honest, this is my Favourite outfit from the Haul. The SWAG LOOK, Cardigans look so dapper on Boys, I don’t know why! I love the detailing, quality of the fabric and the vibrant colours. One of my pet peeves is the fact that most stores don’t stock brightly coloured, fun clothes for boys and it can be quite irritating. I was pleased to find these items and guess what? they are still in stock (last time I checked).

The cable Knit cardigan is super warm and can easily be layered up in colder months. The grey and navy blue colours are staple colours that will blend with pretty much any other colour so it can easily be used on other outfit combos. This is definitely and investment piece.

The Plaid body suit is perfect for adding that extra punchy colour/style to a what would have been a boring boy outfit. This shirt can be worn on Trousers, chinos, jeans or even shorts… Feel free to play around with it.

These jeans have an elasticated waist and fit like adult jeans (no joke). They are a definite goto pair of jeans for that daddy and me look. The washed out panel in-front also make it look fun and stylish.

The Flannel shoes are quite warm and have velcro straps for ease of wear. They look good paired with shorts aswell.

Shop the Look: Complete outfit is from GAP 

Look 4

The DINNER DATE look, every growing child should have that PARTY DRESS (if you are AFRICAN, you will get this joke). This look works so well because it is sold as a 3-piece set, the colour screams laid back formal and the fabric is so soft and easy to work with. 

The Checked shirt comes with a removable bow tie (it can easily transition from an official to casual and playful look). The detailing on the pocket makes it look way more expensive than it actually is.

The detailing continues on the band of the tan trousers which I think was a cool touch. The only down side is that the pants are not elasticated so no leeway for weight/baby growth. It is still worth every penny.

The shoes are light weight with velcro straps.

Shop the look: The outfit comes as a set from VERY.CO.UK. 

The site describes it as a Ladybird Baby Boys Shirt, Chinos and Bow Tie Set (3-Piece)

Shoes: H&M, Unfortunately it is not available on the website but Soft Sniker is similar in style and colour.

The hat is from NEXT.CO.UK

Look 5

This outfit combination was actually a gift and came as a ready made outfit (except the shoes). This is another take on the Dinner date to casual look.

What makes this shirt so cool is the colour combination, the fact that the bottom part is a velcro strap and the bow tie can come off. Cool right??

These shoes are also a gift, cute and fluffy aren’t they? They also jingle when he moves his little feet. It fascinates him every time… too cute.

Shop the outfit: Shirt and Cord pants are ANDY and EVAN KIDS
Shoes are from MOTHERCARE.

From my house to yours, Thanks for reading and remember to do something Nice for someone today! God doesn’t like UGLY. Mwah.

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