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Being a mum is one of the most rewarding yet one of the most challenging time in a Woman’s life. It takes a lot of conviction, prayers and faith to make each day work for you, your career, your home and your growing family. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was filled with FEAR! not Fear of the pain that was certain to come but FEAR of the UNKNOWN! I remember I was told that that feeling would pass, that it was to be expected, hmmm all I can say is rather than attempt to overcome that fear, I learnt to redefine that FEAR through prayer and focusing on GOD. I learnt to make it work because what was more important was the little boy I was bringing into this world. 
FEAR is a good motivator for success, you can easily channel it into something more positive and rewarding. I remember that it made me prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for whatever the devil/life wanted to throw at me, I became the EVER READY mum.
I sit here typing this with so much JOY in my heart, I still haven’t mastered the SUPERHERO MUM attitude but I am slowly getting there. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?? was the main question that led me to accepting that Life as I knew it had changed for the better. Now my Son is over 2months, each day brings its own challenges because as mums we learn something new everyday but I can honestly say that I am happier and ever ready with every moment that passes by. 
This post will hopefully encourage a mum out there who feels lost, feels like giving up, who feels like a failure. Trust me you are STRONGER than you know it, God has entrusted that little person in your care because you are the best possible person to lead him/her to their God given path/destiny. Keep at it and REDEFINE what is MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU.

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