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Don’t you sometimes wonder what magical thoughts flow through a child’s brain?
What do they think about when they give you that mischievous smile, that stunned look or that long wondrous gaze that ever so gently melts your heart every-time?
I Sometimes wonder what my little one thinks about when he stares at me with his big beautiful eyes.  Truth be told I am more envious than curious because being a child means no worries, no fears, and they are way closer to God than any adult will ever be. 
The meaning of LIFE to him must be one of the simplest questions you can ever ask. A happy baby has nothing to FEAR, nothing to WORRY about and nothing to be ANXIOUS about. All they do (bless their little hearts) is eat, sleep, Poop and Giggle, unfortunately that cannot be said for us adults (I know i sound jealous lol). When I sit down and ask myself the age old question “What is the true meaning of life?” I am plagued with more questions than answers so it is as good as not asking.
I wish there was a worm hole that led to a universe were children ruled the world and were everyone was forced to act as innocent as a child and even talk like one (language less world!! yes am all for it). Think about it, A world without HATE, a world without REGRET or RESENTMENT, a world without DISCRIMINATION or VIOLENCE…. sigh, one can dream right. 
I recently went through one of the toughest periods of my life, the devil was seriously trying to steal the joy I had painstakingly worked and prayed for. The devil has a way of trying to steal your joy (my joy this time is having my gorgeous little boy and being around to watch him grow). I mean it got so bad that every time I felt like I was finally making a headway with things, the devil found a way to knocked me or a family member wayyyy back down. 
In one of my woe is me moments, the Lord revealed this to my heart “why not look at you life through your bolu’s eyes” That statement bugged me for a long time because I honestly didn’t know what THE LORD meant. One day while feeding Bolu, he stopped mid way through his feed (which he never ever does) and gave me one of the biggest most sincere smiles I have ever seen and at that moment I got it, it clicked! I knew that my help was in the Lord, my sustenance was in HIS hands just like my Bolu’s help and sustenance is in my hands. His smile gave me renewed strength, It reassured me that I am doing a fantastic job, that we are going to be A OK! and that the Lord is still and will always be in my corner. 
At that point, all sense of fear, resentment, regret, hate and more faded into absolutely nothing. I felt a calm aura surge through my very core. You can rest assured that Bolu got one of the biggest hugs in the world. For the first time in a long time, my fuel tank was filled up and rearing to go.  
Now I ask you this question, What if we looked at this world and our personal situations through a child’s eyes, wouldn’t we be better off? instead of struggling to make head way with things that seem impossible, why not sit back and rely on the help that is on hand (GOD). You honestly have nothing to loose, a child’s innocence is so refreshing, it should be a daily drug that uplifts you when you feel like throwing in the towel. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH (its a cliche quote I know but that is how a baby lives his life, just think about it) so why not adopt those three strong words for your life today! 
Leave a comment down below if this has inspired you to take up a new approach to living this life! Stay blessed and remember God doesn’t like Ugly so do something nice for someone today.

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