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Drug store HAUL: Sleek Cosmetics.

YES YES YES! I went a little CRAY CRAY on this Haul lol but I loved every minute of my shopping experience. 

Curvyndfabulous (my sister.. check out her blog  hooked me up with Sleek Cosmetics, I honestly don’t know why I never actually invested my money in this brand.  We were having one of our girly time FaceTime chats when the topic of drug store makeup came up, I suddenly realised that I dot actually own that many drugstore items (not intentional). I proceeded to asking her what her favourite drug store products are and low and behold she showed me one of the most impressive Sleek Cosmetics palette collections known to man! not joking she literally has almost every palette to date.

I got all the motivation i needed that night. I went straight to, luckily there was an offer on (3 for 2 on all makeup) JOY!!!!
I picked up a few palettes and also picked up 2 new palettes from the official sleek website (the new eye and blush palettes).

CLICK the video below to watch the FULL SLEEK HAUL.
Pictures of all the palettes I picked up (watch the video to see my general sleek eyes and cheeks collection).
Vintage Romance

Arabian nights
Storm Palette

del mar

Garden of eden.

I also picked up 2 Eye and Blush palettes from
Photograph courtesy of See you at Midnight
Photograph courtesy of  Dancing till dusk

Well thats all she wrote folks, Let me know what palettes you guys love and what you will be picking up.. Chat later xoxo

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