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EARTH QUEEN Feat Shaaanxo X Colourpop Cosmetics Super Shock eyeshadows.

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Welcome back to my page, how have you all been doing? anything exciting??? for me its the same old thing but different rules.

I was motivated by a few MUA’s I follow on Instagram to be more adventurous and playful with my makeup looks, its makeup after all, it will all wash off.

Feeling ever so gingered and pumped I came up with this beauty which I entered into the SAVVYIST weekly competition…. I love love love the way the look came out, the head piece, accessories and all the colours worked so well together.

This time around, I got inspired by a Some gorgeous Colourpop Cosmetics eyeshadows, a gorgeous crystal accessory piece from Loyatobs Creations and few other lovely makeup items.

The Loyatobs Creations accessories are made up of multicoloured crystals which give off a green aura when placed together. This set is actually a custom, made to perfection piece for me and I decided to use the necklace as a head piece in the video. Creative right??? Visit and also for your personal pieces.

The Colourpop Cosmetics products I used are from the Shaaanxo collection, Just incase you are unaware, Shaaanxo is a gorgeous youtube who collaborated with Colourpop cosmetics to release 4 eyeshadows handpicked and named by her. These eyeshadows are gorgeous and come in Matte and Pearlised finishes. They apply well with both finger and brushes and re super easy to blend.

Lets get down to the look shall we?

I love the way the look came out so much so that i entered it into the SAVVYIST competition (want to support my look, click here to vote. For those of you wondering what SAVVYIST is, it is an online makeup blog where makeup lovers can share and discover new products, makeup looks, swatches, reviews and so much more, Click here to join…

Back to My makeup look, To watch the Makeup tutorial on this look, Please click the video below.

List of Products used:
1: Rimmel stay matte primer. (super drug and boots carry it).
2: Urban decay Anti-aging primer. Click here to buy
3: Anastasia beverley hills Dip brow pomade (dark brown)… Click here to buy.
4: Colourpop Cosmetics, Shaaanxo collection. Click here to buy.
5: Sleek Cosmetics, Garden of eden palette. Click here to buy.
6: Mac cosmetic eyeshadows in HUMID and PAGAN.
7: Shany Cosmetics loose pigments No 20,25 and 15. Click here to buy.
8. Too faced shadow insurance/glitter glue. Click here to buy.
9. Ingot 77, black gel eyeliner.
10: Urban decay glitter eyeliner, STAGE DRIVE
11: Ardell Lash grip.
12: Miss Adoro false eyelashes, NO43
13: Benefits they are real Mascara. Click here to buy.
14: Jordans Liquid eyeliner pencil, JADE JEWEL (
15: LA girl PRO HD concealer, NUDE (
16: Black|Up Contouring stick NO 02, click here to watch a review.
17: Black|Up cosmetics ratifying foundation and two way cake powder, Click here to watch a review.
18: Cover girl cosmetics, Queen collection ebony Bronze.
19: Mac Cosmetics, limited edition Toledo collection, Kindergarten red blush
20: Mac cosmetics, Brooke Shields collection, Cream coloured base.
21: Milani cosmetics, Luminoso blush and Bellissimo bronze (
22: Wet’n’Wild Cosmetics, Fergie collection, PAGAN ANGEL lipstick (
23: MacCosmetics, Fix+ spray.
Phew that was a lot lol. I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial and if you did please remember to rate and share it with all your gorgeous friends. You can also follow me on instagram (I am generally more active there).
More Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I WILL ALSO BE DOING A MASSIVE MAKEUP REVOLUTION GIVEAWAY ONCE I HIT 500 SUBSCRIBERS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, please click here to subscribe to my channel for free and help me reach that milestone :).
Thats all ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching and reading, Catch more images on instagram and I will catch you guys in my next post… Mwah.

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