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Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipsticks Review.

I am super stoked to be playing and reviewing these products from MakeupMonsters Cosmetics. I enjoy trying new products and playing with new makeup items (its my passion after all). So anywho, I was contacted by Samantha a while back and she was lovely enough to send me 5 liquid lipsticks of my choice to review and swatch for my lovely subscribers and supporters.

As you know, I absolutely love bold colours, I don’t know what i would do if I was ever deprived of weird in my own little way. Off course I had to try some of the crazy bold colours, its medeaij after all .

I chose the following:

Sedona (Pinky Brown nude colour)

Cyclone (A blue based purple colour)

Tyranny (Royal purple)

Titan (Rich, dark purple colour)

Dusk (Cool toned grey)


All 5 are Matte Liquid lipsticks

They are Vegan and Cruelty free products

6ml of product is provided which is 0.20oz

They are highly pigmented

They retail for $15.95 on the website

Click on the image below to watch the full LIPSWATCH AND REVIEW

More pictures and information

The individual boxes are absolutely cute and to die for. The illustrations are quirky and very different and definitely a collectors item in my opinion.
I absolutely love the fact that it vividly shows the expiry duration underneath the product, it helps keep track of the shelf life of the product.

All the colours took approximately 30seconds – 1minute to completely dry down to a matte finish.

One thing that really bothered me about all the colours was the applicator. It was super stiff and it didn’t pack enough product to be used for one application. I found that I had to keep going back into the tube for more product. 

For Sedona, I lined my lips with Chest Nut lip pencil from Mac to give it a more even and fuller look. I absolutely love the way it felt on my lips,  It was super comfortable and lasted a long time. This is definitely a daily go to shade and will look amazing on all skin tones. 

For Cyclone, I applied it straight from the tube with no lip pencil at all. It took a bit more effort to build up the colour despite how pigmented it is. The blue based feature of it makes it look unique and gorgeous and worth the hassle. To avoid the cracked lips look, it is better you exfoliate and moisturise your lips thoroughly before application.

For Dusk, I lined my lips with Black Brown pencil from NYX Cosmetics and topped up the colour with a clear lip glass form Mac Cosmetics. This colour felt dry and quite patchy but once the gloss was added, it came alive and felt good enough to wear for hours. 

For Tyranny, I used Urbandecay Cosmetics Vice 24/7 eyeliner to line my lips and then filled it in with Tyranny. To be honest, I didn’t have to line my lips as the colour is absolutely gorgeous on its own and performs extremely well.

Titan was my absolute favourite as it gave me no problems at all. It is a rich purple colour that goes on like a dream, super pigmented and very comfortable on the lips. I would definitely rock this shade all year long.

Overall I am totally chuffed about my selection and the products. The colours are unique and very intriguing. a few elements need changing and improving but overall i give it a massive thumbs up.

I can’t wait to try more colours, what shades would you like me to swatch next? comment down below.

If you haven’t seen the lipswatch video and the full on review, click here

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Disclaimer: All the liquid lipsticks were sent to me in return for my honest opinion. All comments and thoughts are strictly mine.

All images belong to Medeaij and a protected due to copyright law. 

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