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Affordable dramatic makeup: Green glitter cat eyes and sultry lips

Click on the poster to watch the full tutorial

Hey guys and dolls,

How are you all doing this fine day? I am slowly gearing up for christmas (I know it is still a tad bit early but…) it is better to plan ahead right?. The new craze at the moment is HALLOWINCH! oops i mean Halloween ūüė¶

I personally do not celebrate the season due to religious reasons and I do not enjoy the scary devilish vibe it gives off but I get inspired by the amazing artists that showcase their creativity at this time of the year. Taking inspiration from those artists, I came up with this dramatic, exaggerated green cat eye look which is wearable (I think). The best part is that I¬†used affordable products that you can easily get in the United¬†Kingdom… YAYYY. ¬†

(TAKE NOTE: RANT AHEAD) Being a U.K¬†youtuber and blogger is one of the hardest things in the entire world, most brands are based abroad so I tend to get the latest¬†brand launches quite late or not at all (which sometimes defeats the purpose of recording a “products hot off the press” video). I also get hit by customs charges (which sucks), most of these brands do not want to support U.K bloggers for some unknown reason (which sucks) and even the U.K based brands tend to invest in international bloggers rather than their own (which sucks even more). So for this video, I decided to use products you can easily get online in the U.K to save you the trauma of spending a fortune on postage and custom charges (can I get a HI5 please!!!!).

I hope you enjoy the look, I paired it with two lip colours but the look can definitely be paired with more colours and finishes (be adventurous, it is only makeup afterall). Click on the poster above to watch the full tutorial, make sure you subscribe to my channel while you are at it.

Product list

  • Makeup Academy brow pencil “brunette
  • Morphe brushes 12 colour natural beauty palette (12NB)
  • e.l.f studio cream eyeliner (black)
  • e.l.f eyeshadow palette
  • Certifeye forest green glitter,¬†use my code MEDEAIJ10 for 10% off orders over ¬£15 ūüôĆūüŹĺ (thank me later)
  • Lit cosmetics clear liquid glitter base

That is all she wrote folks. I hope you enjoyed the look, remember to tag me should you decide to recreate the look. All my social media links are below so please get connected with me.

As always I appreciate you all for your continued love and support, thank you for stopping by, I will catch you in my next post.


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