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Plant Based Remi Lipgloss Lip Swatch and Review| UK Vegan and Cruelty Free Brand

If you are not aware by now, I love to support small businesses, UK businesses, Girl Boss business and the like. So off course when Remi contacted me about her vegan and cruelty free lip glosses, I couldn’t say no. 

Plant Based Remi is a UK owned small business based on Etsy. The owner is a plant-based veggie who is a  cruelty-free and vegan beauty blogger. The lip glosses (as I have mentioned) are vegan and cruelty free, they come in small posts and a cute pouch. They retail between £5.49- £8.49 with a variety of shades to choose from. The £5.49 pots have 5g worth of product in it and the £8.49 have 8g worth of product in it.

First impression

I chose the shade Vanity which to me is a cross between a pink, rose and wine colour. It looks intensely rich and gives off a metallic looking sheenI had mixed first impressions as I am not particularly keen on glosses and usually never buy products that come in pots but I was determined to embrace new challenges. The packaging is cute, it comes in a transparent sealable pot which is air tight so you are rest assured that your product is safe from contamination. 

The packaging is light and portable and you get a lot of product in the containerIt was delivered to me in a cute little gift bag (fast shipping as well). 

Company Claims

According to the company, the lip glosses are wonderfully pigmented. All of our shades are also long wearing. This lip formula is a hybrid between a lipstick, lip stain and a lip gloss. You will definitely not need a lip pencil. Our sparkling lip glosses are full coverage!

The texture our gleaming lip gloss is smooth. So you will be able to glide each shade along your lips easily. Your lips will also stay hydrated all day. Each shade comes in a cute little 8g pot. This ensures that you have access to all the product, unlike tubes. And we want you to be able to use the entire contents of each beautiful shade!”

I have highlighted a few key points from the products description on the company’s page.
Wonderfully pigmented
Hybrid between a lipstick, lip stain and a lip gloss
Long wearing
Full coverage 
Smooth texture
Lips stay hydrated all day

Does this product live up to all of the above?
My thoughts

The first thing I realised when I hand swatched this product was how pigmented it really is. I expected it to be shear, patchy and act more like a lip topper for my matte lipsticks but boy was I dead wrong. This product is full FULLL FULLLL coverage, it has a thick consistency to it but doesn’t feel heavy and uncomfortable on the lips. You definitely do not need to apply a lip liner first as it is very full coverage and has a smooth consistency and glides on like a dream.

 Vanity lipgloss: Plant Based Remi

This product can be applied to the lips with a lip brush for a more precise application or with your finger. You definitely do not need a lot of product during application, after a while it dries down a little bit (not matte) but will not easily shift or transfer like a typical gloss would. It gives off that high class metallic look which feels very hydrating and comfortable on the lips. It definitely does not dry out the lips so if you are not a full on matte lipstick lover, then this product is for you. 

 Vanity: Plant Based Remi
In the photograph below, the lipgloss had gone through 10hrs of wear (no reapplication or touch ups), a greasy lunch, a can of red bull, cups of tea and a 2 hour gym session (yep that is my life). I can honestly say that it handled itself pretty well considering all I put my lips through. 

I have tested this product over the course of a week and I can honestly say that it is value for money and lives up to its claims.

The truth of the matter is that I have placed an order for a few more shades so I definitely approve of this product. 
Have you tried out this product? let me know your thoughts….  

Find Plant Based Remi

 Vanity lipgloss: Plant Based Remi

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