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Lash Disc Reveal & First Impression| The Best Luxury Silk Eyelash Packaging Yet| Lapaigetrends

Lapaigetrends Lash Disc

Hey loves, 

So Lapaigetrends just dropped a sneak peak of this gorgeous product this week and it made me do a double take… as in, seriously. I literally received this product in this post today and I knew I just had to write a blog piece about it. You know when something really gingers your spirit and your creative juices just start flowing…. well. You guys know I rave about the Faux Mink Lashes from the Lash Medley book and also the single style lashes in Rosie (best stacked lashes ever) and Amethyst (my baby daddy lashes). So this brand is not new to me or you, I have been rocking with them for a little while now and I am loving it.

If you are not aware of this brand and all the amazing products then I need you to come out of the rock you have been living under. Lapaigetrends is a UK owned business, the products are not only accessible (easy to use) for professional artist but also to makeup enthusiasts such as myself and even beginners. They sell Lashes, makeup storage and synthetic Brushes that are 100% cruelty free and at a very very (let me stress this, very affordable) without scrimping on quality. 

They announced at the beginning of this week on instagram that they are coming out with the Lash Disc, I was lucky enough to receive the product before the launch so here we are. 

Lash Disc

Lets talk about the details of this product:
Packaging: It comes in the shape of a CD Disc (the theme), it has pretty flower detail drawing in gold/silver which is very much in line with the company’s signature look. The card board container has 5 cut outs which house the individual lashes. The overall colour of the packaging is a light pinkish colour with gold/silver writing. The Lashes are named as follows: STOP, REWIND, PAUSE, PLAY and FAST FORWARD (seriously reminds me of the good ole days when the CD player was life, I used to love jamming to my favourite Janet Jackson single.. anyone feel me?). The cover of the box has the company’s name and signature bow with a plastic see through which gives a nice glimpse into the lashes. 

Lash Disc

When it comes to pretty packaging, I must say I am a big sucker for it. This packaging blew me away because it is not only gorgeous but will also serve as a fantastic way of storing lashes plus it will look amazing on my vanity. I love the uniqueness of it, I can honestly say I have never seen a lash packaging like it on the market. We all know the beauty world is saturated with copy cats and repetition and to see something quite different and unique truly deserves a round of applause don’t you think?

Lash Disc: Inside

It contains 5 luxury silk 3D double stacked lashes (high quality), they are reusable up to 25 times. The soft durable synthetic fibres are 100% cruelty free and very comfortable to wear. 
In the box you get 2 lashes with invisible band styles and 3 with cotton band styles.


STOP: This is the most natural/simplest out of the 5. It will definitely transform any simple everyday beat face.


REWIND: This looks very wispy, it will definitely stand out without a winged liner.


PAUSE: I had to pause for a second to appreciate the beauty of these lashes. These lashes are perfect for those who love to stack lashes because it is so dramatic and full, no need to stack her at all. But if you love to stack, do you boo…


PLAY: This reminds me of the Amethyst lashes. Play looks fuller and sexier but the style is a bit similar. If you are a fan of Amethyst lashes like I am, you will definitely love the look of this one.

FAST-FORWARD: This pair remind of my favourite lashes of all time, the Rosie lashes. The only difference I see is that this one is longer in length and sightly fuller. Basically am obsessed with this pair as well.

UPDATE: … Shop the Lash Disc here>>

What is the verdict? what do you think about the Lash Disc? comment down below and also let me know which one of the 5 lashes is your favourite. Make sure you follow me on instagram to catch my posts/looks using these lashes and lashes from the Lash Medley book (ishh.. how many times can you use lash in a sentence? lol). 

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