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Hey Guys, 

Welcome back, this post is about my liveglam subscriptions. I swatched the December #Kissme bag and even left a full review of the lipsticks before I realised that Liveglam is currently under investigation for defrauding thousands of customers including myself who signed up to the subscriptions. Please click on the image above if you are still interested in watching the lipswatch and review. To be fair, this months bag is my favourite, I felt they got the colours, packaging and whole theme right. 

About 3-4 months ago I started seeing loads of fraudulent activities on my bank account with me having to cancel and raise fraud cases time after time. Now bare in mind I have been with Liveglam for a long time now, I signed up for Morpheme brush club over 1 year ago and Kissme early this year and up until 4 months ago I had no issues with them so I had no reason to suspect them. 

Liveglam is the only subscription I have that my bank card details are linked to, I use Pay Pal for the rest as an added layer of security. Liveglam do not have Pay Pal as a payment option so I was forced to sign up with either a Credit or Debit Card. I had 4 separate fraud incidents on my card/account, all card type of transactions or people setting up Netflix accounts (imagine) with my card information. I blamed my bank for this because I have never used any of the sites related to the fraudulent activities and instead left it to the bank to investigate the issue. A friend on instagram actually highlighted that Liveglam is under investigation because thousands of other people found the world are currently facing the same issues as me (which I was not aware of). You can catch up on the whole story here, there is also a Facebook group talking about the issue. I sent an email to Liveglam today explaining my issues and demanding answers, I will cancel my subscriptions if Liveglam can not give me solid answers. 

So far from what I am seeing online, they are not taking any blame for the activities and are instead trying to shift the blame to their third party site that hold all the card information. I have requested that my bank investigates the issue, it is really weird because I live in the UK, all the fraudulent actives are UK based sites apart from one which is based in Newyork. For now I have refused to update any card details and will be cancelling my subscription if I get no response by the new year or if the response is flimsy. If you are reading this and have signed up to Liveglam, please check your account activities and consider cancelling your card details off the site and keep skipping (if you still want to give them a chance) or cancel the subscription all together. This day and age, you would expect that websites such as Liveglam would up their security or at least not be so stupid to use their customers information (if the allegations are true).  

Please let me know if you are facing the same issue, we have to create some sort of awareness, as I said I was not aware about the accusations until today. Stay safe online, keep checking your bank accounts everyday, that is how i was able to catch all the activities on my account. 

UPDATE: Literally got a response back as I was typing up this blog. 

I got a response from one of the liveglam operatives, unfortunately I can’t screenshot it as it contains loads of my personal information. He did however acknowledge the issue, that an attacker may have intercepted some of customers payment card information between checkout and the secure credit card processor. He also said that they have taken additional security measures to protect against this happening again. They have a blog post about the incident (click here) that they have been updating since the 3rd of December 2017. In the light of this, I will be cancelling both my subscriptions, my school of thought is, if you let such a huge fraud issue happen and kept silent without informing your customers then I don’t trust you. They should have sent an email or issued a statement the minute they identified it was a fraud attack. 

Sorry Liveglam but an apology now is a bit too late, I would like to know your thoughts, please comment below.

Catchup with you guys soon,

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