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Hey guys,

This post is not makeup related but I just had to share this great find with you all. I was browsing through Instagram as you do and I stumbled on a post by one of my friends. She posted a picture of her new snack, chin-chin by Chic Chin. You know me, I love to try out new things especially when it is based in the United Kingdom and its food. 

Chic Chin is a new business and are based on Etsy, they make custom, handmade snacks traditionally called Chin-Chin.“I wanted to do something a little different with the good-plain-old chin-chin, make it a little more ‘chić’, give it some style and maybe some class☺️. Hence the name ‘Chić-Chin’”

Chin-chin itself is a very popular snack in Nigeria other West African countries, you are typically welcomed with a bowl of the good stuff when visiting people homes or at a wedding/party. I grew up eating it and have always been on the look out for it here in the UK.

100g Chin-Chin Bag

I placed an order for 4x100g chin-chin during the christmas offer they ran and I paid 9.99pounds (free postage within UK) click here to see if the offer is still on. I think the price is reasonable considering that you get 4 packs for it. The 100g bags are brilliant as an on the go snack as they easily fit into a handbag. I ordered the “Regular” flavour as that is what I am used to, they offer it in other flavours which you can select from at the point of placing your order.


Comes in a well sealed, resealable travel, sturdy bag which is great as an everyday pop it in your bag snack. I love the classic white look to it with the company emblem on the top. The overall look is quite boogie which I love. It is hard to make a locally enjoyable snack look upper class and boogie and I think they pulled it off.


My order took about 2-3 days to deliver, my husband and son basically devoured a bag in a matter of minutes of its arrival. It tastes exactly as I remember, easy to chew, not overpoweringly sweet and very tasty. The list of ingredients are listed on the Etsy store for Chic-Chin.


My overall shopping experience with Chic-Chin was delightful, I had a few questions and they were answered promptly and in a pleasant manner, my order also delivered in a timely manner. I am currently enjoying my stash and I hope to place more orders in the future, have you tried Chic-Chin before? what are your thoughts?

Speak soon,


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