Makeup Pictorials only get easier with practice #pictorial

Contrary to popular belief, my makeup skills were non existent for a long time. It took a lot to get to the point of being confident enough to share a HOW TO pictorial. The fact is that I am still learning and will always still be learning, as you know “makeup application” and the cosmetics industry is evolving. I guess what I am trying to say is, DON’T BE TOO HARD on yourself, practice makes perfect. You are doing a great job, if I can do it, so can you. With that being said, let’s get into this pictorial shall we?

Follow these simple stems to achieve this Boss Green smokey eye

What I used:


First things first, start off with a well groomed brow. Click here to find out how I snatch my eyebrows.

  • Pat the shade “Fired up” into the upper crease, making sure it is even through out
  • Pat “Red carpet” into your crease and outer “V”. Gently blending out harsh edges with “Fired up”. Do this in a drawn out circular motion.
  • Apply “Power slayer” to the outer crease and the shade “Sweet beets” to blend out the edges 
  • Apply “Transformer” into the outer V, create a half cut crease with your concealer
  • Apply “Stroke of luck” to the lid in a patting motion, take your time to do this step. Use “Power slayer” to blend the end of the half cut crease, making sure there are no harsh lines
  • Repeat the same colours on the lower lash line 
  • Apply your waterline colour and your wing liner. Apply a crystal glitter shade to your lid
  • Apply your lashes and mascara, YOU ARE DONE

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That’s all folks, hope the steps above help you create your perfect eye look. Let me know how you get on, until next time.



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