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Sniph: must have perfume subscription

Who else is a perfume addict? How much of a ball ache is it trying to find a new fragrance for yourself or loved one? What would you say if i told you you there is a way you could experience a new scent every month? I recently discovered a cool new fragrance subscription that allows you experience perfumes from exclusive brands.

What is it?

Sniph subscription program makes it easy for fragrance lovers to discover and experiment with new scents. Sniph selects a range of fragrances from the best brands on the market. These scents are sent to you every month ( 8ml ) which you use in a smart case. The case is very compact, sleek and easy to travel with. The subscription costs £14 a month (free shipping) and you can cancel anytime. This subscription is for both men and women and you get a description of your perfume and sniphs assessment.

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Fragrance in the smart case

How does it work?

Start off by taking the Sniph quiz to find your ideal collection. This quiz will give you recommendations based on your answers. This quiz is comprised of various fragrance profiles, each month a new scent from an exclusive brand is sent. You receive the smart case on your first delivery.

First fragrance with the smart case

Sniph is a subscription service that makes it easy and fun to discover new scents. Every month we’ll send you small bottles of brand name perfumes to be used in our smart case. The subscription starts at £14 a month, without commitments.

My thoughts

My first fragrance was Elisire from the female classics. I decided to go with the female classics which boasts of timeless scents (your girl is like fine wine you know). This collection is safe with the occasional surprise. You get a card with each fragrance describing the scent and which brand it comes from. This is really helpful to keep track of what kinds of fragrances you like or don’t like and what fragrances you have experienced.

Did you know you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime?

My second fragrance is Gallivant Brooklyn EdP from the female classic range. This fragrance is from a London perfume brand created by Nick Steward. His collection of unisex scents takes inspiration from the atmospheres found in some of the coolest, most creative cities in the world. The fragrance is described as slightly complex with Lemon, Magnolia, Amber smell.

My verdict

I am very impressed with the range of fragrances on offer and the fragrances I have received. I love the fact that they do fragrances for men and unisex. They have an extensive range of fragrances and this subscription gives you the opportunity to experience various smells on a monthly basis. You can also purchase a full size version of a fragrance or buy the subscription for a family member or friend.. Also, you can’t beat a fragrance subscription that allows you cancel at anytime.

I fully recommend this subscription, it’s worth checking out plus you get £5 off your first subscription if you use my affiliate code, Medeaij5 at checkout.



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