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Skin care finds: Bioderma purifying cream and pore refiner corrective cream for large pores

I am back with another skincare post. I know, I know, my title is long but I just have to share these two products with you as they have done wonders for my skin. Let me know if you love this series and what other skin or body care items you would like me to review.

As I covered in my last Bioderma skincare post, the Sébium range is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. The range offers anti-blemish treatments that directly act on sebum quality.

As someone who has large pores and loves to rock a full face, I have been on the hunt for a skin care product that will help minimise the effect of overpowering pores. Wearing makeup as regularly as I do can cause the skin to feel suffocated thereby encouraging acne. These two products have successfully improved my skin over time, I can keep rocking my full faces without any issues.

Bioderma pore refiner corrective cream

Bioderma Sebium Skincare

This is a Pore Refiner from the Bioderma anti-blemish range. It helps to revive the skins youthful radiance by tightening dilated pores thereby improving the skins texture. It is filled with Bioderma’s exclusive “sebo-correcting Fluidactiv complex”

We know that congested pores ultimately leads to blemishes and impurities, this product helps to illuminate that effect. By using this product daily I have been able to improve my skin’s appearance and reduce the over powering look of my pores, especially under makeup. This correcting concentrate steps in to improve skin’s appearance for a finer, more regular and clearer complexion. It also gives me an airbrushed finish under makeup as my pores are not as visible.

No edits; my skin looks airbrushed under makeup

” Harnessing the powers of Agaric Acid (a powerful astringent), the anti-oxidant rich treatment shields the skin from harmful factors. “


Bioderma purifying cream

Bioderma Sebium Skincare

“The 1st treatment that eliminates pimples and blackheads by biologically acting on the causes and consequences of these blemishes”

The intensive purifying care cream is another amazing product from Bioderma for Acne-prone skin. It helps to eliminate spots and blackheads, it limits scarring, clears up the skin and instantly soothes. Not to mention how amazing it feels under makeup. I love using this product daily but works extra specially well when am having a breakout of any kind. It instantly soothes the breakout and gradually makes it disappear.

It even works at that time of the month when my skin feels especially sensitive. It has an ever so subtle smell to it but it’s not off putting at all and disappears in minutes.

Glowing skin after my Bioderma skin care treatment


Both products come in a 30ml bottle and are affordable. I kind of wish they came in bigger sizes as I definitely see myself repurchasing them time and time again. Overall I would definitely recommend these products. They work for my blemish prone skin. It is so difficult finding products that consistently work without irritating the skin.

Bioderma also has a range of products for other skin types, definitely check them out. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Have you used any product from this range?

Thank you to Bioderma and Chase Pr for Gifting me these items, I love them so much.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by. 



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