How to: Easy Emerald Green Cut Crease #pictorial

Who doesn’t love easy to apply and blend able eyeshadows?? I am all for quality over price any day and what sweetens the deal is when the eyeshadow is super affordable. Win win in my book. 

A successful eye look is very much dependent on the base, the quality of the eyeshadows and the application tools you use. If you suffer from oily lids like I do then you would want to go for a base that ensures longevity of your eye makeup. I personally prefer sticky bases such as concealers, the infamous Plouise Base or priming sticks work a storm with eyeshadows (even the most temperamental ones). This is because they hold on to the pigments of the eyeshadow thereby ensuring that the colour pay off is present. 

When it comes to the quality of eyeshadows, I tend to go for soft shadows that easily show up on makeup brushes (fallout doesn’t really bother me, packing on the shadows before blending tends to work better on sticky bases anyway). I don’t believe that the more expensive the shadow the better the quality. As you know, Euniquebeauty makes really amazing quality shadows, pressed pigment and glitters and they are hand made and always affordable. I love the innovation behind their packaging, design and colour selection. 

They deliver high quality products at super affordable prices plus they are black-owned, cruelty free and vegan. Look out for brands that make great quality shadows around your budget, trust me, they are out there. Aside from a great base, a good trick to a flawless eye beat is to find eyeshadows that are easy to blend, smooth/buttery and pack a lot of colour. 

When I comes to brushes I don’t discriminate. You have seen me use eBay brushes to slay a look, the key is not particularly the quality of the brush but more the style and shape of it. A good quality brush is great though but buy what your budget permits you to and learn to work with what you have got. 

Blending brushes of all sizes, packing, small detailed and eyeliner brushes will always be a great addition to your brush collection.

Product list


Follow my step by step description to achieving a beautiful emerald green cut crease. Please supplement shadows with the ones you have in your collection.

July 2019 release

I am so excited to announce that Euniquebeauty is coming out with yet another amazing and innovative palette. The La Gelateria, is inspired by the owners love for ice cream from their birth country Italy.

I love the whole approach to reusable packaging. This palette doesn’t come with a box, instead it comes with a Gelateria Messenger Bag which is available in 4 different colours. The bag is PU Leather. 

The palette is also sold individually offcourse! Who else is excited for this baby to launch? Make sure you follow me on Instagram swatches and makeup looks 

Use my affiliate code “Medeaij” for an extra 10% off all orders 

Euniquebeauty LA GELATERIA

That’s all folks, let me know if you do recreate this look or if you have any follow up questions.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by. 



Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, some of the products featured were gifted to me for my personal enjoyment. Affiliate links and codes were used in this post.

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