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Affordable beauty tools you should know about.

Hello loves,

It has been a hot minute since I posted something on my blog and I apologise. It’s the whole, “life made me disappear” story am afraid but I am glad to be back.

While I was away, I got the chance to experience a few new beauty tools that are not only affordable but also perform brilliantly, let’s dive in.

Beakey Makeup Tools

Beakey beauty sponges

Beakey is an online store that sells great makeup tools for less. They also offer health products for women ( yet to try them).

Beakey Makeup Sponges

These makeup sponges come 5 in a pack, they are non-latex and non-allergenic. This is super important for someone like me who has very sensitive skin. The makeup sponges I use have to be soft and not rubbery, the material used to create these sponge is very soft and very kind to the skin. You get different bright colours in the pack which is fun and different, I especially love that cobalt blue colour.

People use makeup sponges for different things; blend out foundation/concealer, apply powder, blend out contour etc. These sponges are very versed tile and can be used for all makeup applications (with the exception of eyeshadow application off course). I love the fact that these sponges can be used either wet or dry, depending on your preference and what you use your makeup sponge for.

Watch me use the Beakey Makeup Sponge

I know what you are thinking, is this sponge comparable to the infamous beauty blender? Yes it is and the best part is that you get 5 in a pack for $12 or £8.99.

  • It has the same tear drop design that allows you get into the difficult corners around the eyes and nose
  • It expands to twice its size when damp and stays very soft
  • It doesn’t absorb all the product, it blends it out perfectly and overs a beautiful coverage
  • It removes excess product just like the beauty blender does
  • Any skill level can use it without feeling intimidated. I have actually started using mine to also apply my highlighter. It gives a skin like, fully blended finish

Shop the Beakey Makeup Sponges here:



I often get asked how I clean my sponges and how to ensure they stand the test of time. I have two tried and trusted ways that work for me. Always make sure you let your sponges dry naturally after wash, regardless of what method you prefer.

First way; using your washing machine. This depends on how many sponges I have to wash, I often have upwards for 10 beauty sponges to wash at a time. This method is time effective for me and gets the job done. Please be mindful of the following if you are going to use this method:

  • Ensure your washing machine barrel is clean, run a fast cycle first to help clean it out
  • Do not wash the beauty sponges with other pieces of clothing
  • Use a Non-Bio detergent, this is especially important for those who have sensitive skin. We use Fairy Non-Bio for our clothing because my son has a very sensitive skin
  • Make sure you fully rinse out the sponges with war, water after wash

Second way; manually wash each sponge with gentle shampoo and rinse out. You can soak your sponges in shampoo and warm water for a few minutes before wash, to help soften up the product build up. I tend to stray away from this method because I suffer from “Carpal Tunnel”, I get shooting pains through my thumb and wrist from squeezing the sponge. I only ever use this method if I need to clean one sponge.

Beakey Makeup Brushes

Beakey Makeup Brushes

The Beakey brush set comes 10 in a pack with 1 mini brush cleaner. The brush bristles are made of synthetic hairs that feel really soft against the skin. The handles are made of wood and are sturdy. The name of the company is printed on the handles, I wish the brush name, number or what it can be used for was also printed on the handles. That would have been helpful for beginners who are just getting into makeup.

You do get a small manual that details all the brushes and what they can be used for. Here is the list of the brush types and uses:

  1. Blush brush – Suitable for Powder
  2. Powder Blush brush – Concealer around Eyes and Nose
  3. Precision Face brush – Perfect for Blush and Bronzer
  4. Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush – Apply to Foundation
  5. Face Powder Brush – Foundation around Nose and Mouth
  6. Eyeshadow Brush – Concealer under Eyes and around Nose
  7. Angle Flat Top Shadow Brush – Contouring Hollows of Cheeks and Side of Nose
  8. Flat Top Shadow Brush – EyeShadow and Primer
  9. Blooming Brush Detail Powder Brush – Concealer on Rounded Areas, such as Nose
  10. Blooming Brush – Stipple Concealer and Blemishes

You get all these brushes and the mini cleaner for just $15 or £8.99. I love the performance of the brushes, they feel soft to the skin and don’t absorb product. The only criticism I have is that I wish the brushes were slightly fuller. They are not as dense as I would have liked, it doesn’t affect the performance though, for £8.99 you can’t really complain.

Shop the Makeup Brushes and Cleaner here:



That’s al she wrote folks, hope you found this useful. Let me know in the comments box if you have heard of this brand and your thoughts.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by. 



Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all of the products featured were gifted to me for my personal enjoyment. Affiliate links and codes were used in this post.

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