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Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Care Review

“Your hair is your crowning glory” That is what my mama used to tell me when I was growing up. For the most part of my younger and adult age, I didn’t really respect my hair. I did everything and anything to it; cut it, shaved it, dyed it, put chemicals in it, you think it, I have done it. Not because I didn’t like my hair but because I didn’t quite understand what it needed and how to care for it. I am sure some of you are either still in that boat or have come to realise this too.

I am proud to say that my natural hair journey is 7 years old and I am not going to lie, the journey is long, it can be tiring but can also be rewarding if you have the right products. I am slowly forming a respectful relationship with my 4c hair and it is beginning to bare fruits. I have tried various hair care brands in the bid to try and give my hair what I think it needs. I have come to understand that less is more and all my hair needs is hydration retention and nutrients.

Over the last few weeks, I have been using these three infamous products from Palmer’s and they have truly transformed the way I feel about my hair. To start with, Palmer’s is an American family-owned brand that has been around for nearly two centuries selling natural cocoa butter and coconut oil skincare and haircare products since the 1970s. It is safe to say that they have been at this for a long time and they celebrate natural products.

My hair care routine always follows the same pattern regardless of the products, I detangle my hair, shampoo it, condition it, use a leave in conditioner (not always) and apply hair oil/ leave in conditioner or hair cream. I am interested to know what your routine entails, please comment.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Micellar Rose Water Cleanser

This is a clarifying shampoo, the micellar rose water attracts dirt, excess oil and impurities, drawing them out for a gentler and more effective hair cleansing experience. It also leaves my hair feeling nourished, hydrated and very clean. I apply it directly to my wet hair and scalp and gently massage it in. I try not to tangle my hair by gently massaging the scalp directly and gently working my way down the hair. I find that it is better to part your hair in sections and work on them one after the other.

It has 95% naturally sourced ingredients, it is suitable for vegans, it doesn’t contain silicones, sulphate, parabens or phthalates (salt or ester of phthalic acid). It smells amazing and has a little nose dispenser that makes it easy to apply the product directly to your scalp and roots.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Lavendar Rose Water Conditioner

You get 350ml of product in both the micellar shampoo and the lavender conditioner. Lavender is known for its calming & balancing aroma, it is also known to have superior regenerative & softening properties for the hair. I use this product right after the shampoo, I apply it to the ends of my hair and roots and really work it into the hair. I let it work for about 5min before rinsing it out, just to ensure that the ingredients really penetrate my hair. It leaves my scalp feeling soothed and calm, my roots feel hydrated and it minimises tangling. It also replaces lost moisture, softens, hydrates and helps to repair the hair.

It has 95% naturally sourced ingredients, it is suitable for vegans, it doesn’t contain silicones, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and gluten. It smells amazing and also has the dispenser nozzle for direct application.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Shampoo and Conditioner

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil

You get 6OZ of product, it contains Hydro-Ceramides which is a key component for healthy hair, resulting in stronger, more optimal hair. It also contains Monoï which creates a protective coating for fragile hair and boosts shine. The oil fuels hair and scalp with nutrients to help promote optimal growth and protect fragile hair. I use it sparingly (twice a week) but directly on my scalp to soothe any dryness and help encourage growth. It is suitable for vegans and doesn’t contain silicones, sulphates or parabens. .

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil

Also available in this range is the Mallow Doot Leave In Conditioner and the Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask. I am yet to try both products but if they are anything like the three products described above then I will be a happy bunny.

All 3 products combined is all I use at the moment and my hair feels heathy, bouncy and fully hydrated all week without needing to add more products to it.

Have you used these products before? I would love to know your thoughts and if there are any other hair care products you think are worth trying.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by. 



Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all of the products featured were gifted to me for my personal enjoyment. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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