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10 ways to combat anxiety

In the light of COVID19 we are all having to stay home, work, tend to family and stay sane at the same time. We are constantly surrounded by bad news and presented with reasons to throw in the towel. I experience high levels of anxiety (also asthmatic) and I have had to devise a way of staying calm, positive and busy. The main word here is busy but busy doing what you love above all.

The first main step to combating anxiety is to face the problem. In this instance the problem is the uncertainty the pandemic brings; loss of jobs, not being able to go out, staying safe and healthy… the list goes on. Knowing what the root cause of your anxiety is always the most difficult step but in this situation, it seems to be the easiest. The next main aspect is to recognise and accept that it is out of your hands (more of this at the end). You can only control your actions and the actions of your household and play your part by staying home and staying healthy.

Here are my top 10 tried and tested ways of combating/coping with anxiety:

1: Structure! create a schedule that works for you and your household. Chaos springs arguments, anxiety, frustration and a sense of helplessness. Making and keeping a daily/weekly schedule of school work, office work, home chores, rest time, playtime, movie time and so on will help you feel in control of your days. Personally, I use the circle planner from to keep a track of my personal activities and goals. 2020 may be rocky but there is still an opportunity to grow and achieve new skills and goals (don’t lose track).

As a working mum and wife, I use these two schedules from Amazon to keep track of my son’s homeschooling activities and our day to day schedule.

2: Take a time-out: Do what you naturally enjoy doing. Music, reading, makeup play, meditation, yoga, etc. The main lesson here is to relax your mind from the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your mind and creates an aura of peace around you that your loved ones will naturally tap into. Never underestimate the need to have your “Me time”, it is even more vital now than before. Commuting to a different space for work or life purposes allows that demarcation between your home and place of work.

Working from home or having to stay indoors has effectively removed that demarcation which means you must make a conscious effort to create your escape. This could simply be scheduling time to distress (breathing does wonders), run a bubble bath, take time to pamper yourself (skincare is Queen), binge-watching your favourite program, or reading a book etc.

Here are some of my current favourite pass times:

  • Watch your favourite youtube channels, like mine

3: Eat proper meals and schedule in snacking breaks: Don’t skip meals, skipping meals only adds to fatigue, loss of focus and the “I can’t be bothered attitude”. You want to stay energised and fueled throughout the day.

4: Fresh air; open your windows: You will be surprised how much oxygen your brain needs to function. Take some time to breathe in clean air by either going for a short walk (remember to social distance and don’t meet up with friends) or just sit in your garden or simply open the window. 

5: Avoid caffeine: Energy drinks and the like can aggravate panic attacks and palpitations, trust me. You need to stay as calm and in control as possible. If you do get panic attacks to remember to take deep breaths, “inhale and exhales” lowly, counting to 10 slowly.

6: Sleep: This is not the time to have late nights and early mornings (if you work from home or have people to care for). You have to stick to a schedule that works for you and your household, sleep is a very important aspect of that schedule. When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest. Schedule in sleep at the right time and try to keep to it.

7: Exercise helps: I do quite a lot of dancing with my son which helps both of us as we both hate exercising. Find your medium and go for it. We have also been enjoying exercising with Joe Wick, the body coach. His exercises are fun and not too intensive.

Exercise with Joe Wick on youtube

8: Accept that you cannot control everything: I didn’t start with this because I want to encourage you to look past the current situation and enjoy the smaller things in life. My husband is quite good at accepting that some things are way out of his control and all he can do is make a bad situation better. I am slowly learning from him and I would like to encourage you to take this view. Put your stress in perspective: are you doing your bit to ease the situation? If yes then that is good enough?

9: Welcome humour: A good laugh goes a long way, watch your favourite program, call the people who bring a smile to your face. A good laugh does wonders to the soul, it is also known to have healing powers.

10: Maintain a positive attitude: I know this is easier said than done but no good comes out of a doomed disposition to live. Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I tend to spend time colouring and playing video games with my son. You will be amazed at the simplistic approach kids have to this pandemic, it is always refreshing to see the world from his eyes.

Other ways of maintaining a positive attitude include but not limited to:

  • taking up yoga
  • check in with loved ones, plan your post-pandemic trip
  • remove toxic people from your life
  • stop binge-watching the news and fake news. limit your daily news intake to once a day from a reliable source
  • finish those little house projects you never got round to doing. I have started renovating little parts of my house and honestly, it brings me so much joy seeing the progress.
  • if you can, learn a new skill, language etc
  • cancel all unnecessary subscriptions to save money; that gym membership needs to go, sis.

I hope you found these points useful. Remember to stay safe and look after yourself and go wash your hands :).



Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Affiliate links were used in this post.

3 thoughts on “10 ways to combat anxiety

  1. A Very Useful approach for me because you touched on a lot of things that I have been pondering on but just haven’t gone a step further to adjust or throw away.

    Want to re read and then put pencil to paper.

    By the way I started reading The Beggar Prince before all these new adjustments and it has just taken a back seat with everything that’s going on. Will also download The Beggars Wrath. So definitely one of my to dos.

    Thanks Medeaij



    1. I am very glad you found some of these tips useful. The whole pandemic situation has had a massive impact on how we function as individuals, it is ok to loose focus, what is important is ghat you make the small steps/adjustments needed to be happy. The beggar prince is my current read, i am a slow reader but hope to move on to the beggars wrath soon.


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