About me

Who is Medeaij?

Hi, I am Olusola Jinadu (Medeaij) a UK content creator, Youtuber and blogger. My passion for beauty and hardwork has proven that you can do and become anything you aspire to be. The content I share teaches, encourages and inspires people to be adventurous, try new things and be the best they can be. I am known for my iconic lip swatches, step by step guide to achieving varied beauty looks, honest reviews, product photography and swatches that showcases products and brands.

I started my YouTube channel in 2012 due to the frustrating fact that makeup tutorials felt unachievable for your everyday beauty lover. Product reviews sounded confusing and there wasn’t a massive presence of strong UK women of colour in the beauty community. Women of colour in some cases are made to feel like they cannot express themselves in the ways they choose without being crucified or punished. Not having to conform to your average “standard black girl” looks, content type is what I strive to showcase on my platforms.

I love working with all brands, “I don’t discriminate against products, you have my attention if it works”. I would like to believe that I showcase and invest in indie, high end and mainstream brands. My mission is to educate and empower everyone that you are your own brand, you can wear any colour you choose without being apologetic.

“Being confident is an attitude and cannot be faked”

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