Some of the links on MY BLOG AND YOUTUBE may be an affiliate link. This means that once you’ve clicked on the link and made a purchase, I will receive a very small percentage. This does not add any extra costs to your total. I will only add affiliate links on products that have already been reviewed by me, that I love or have raved about.

All products featured on my blog or youtube are a mixture of ones I have personally purchased myself (majority), sent from a PR company or given to me during an event or as a gift. Either way, the information is clearly stated in the blog or in my videos. Please note that I am always 100% honest when reviewing products and services on all platforms and I only rave about products I enjoy using.

Ads which you will see on my blog are provided through Google Adsense.

All comments will be responded to by me.


Everything on my blog or social media platform has been written and photographed by me ) unless otherwise stated (usually under the post or actual content). If the information is sourced, be rest assured that I will always give credit to the respective owners when using the information. Please email me on medeaij@gmail.com before using any content on this blog or on any of my social media platforms.

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