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MILANI cosmetics Huge HAUL!!!!

Hey guys and gals,

How are you all doing this fine glorious day??
As the Massive poster above reads, this is a massive MILANI COSMETICS HAUL  post. Some of you may know that I have always wanted to try out some products from MILANI but being that its is based in the USA, it is virtually impossible to get without paying through your teeth for it. Milani is a classed as a drug store brand in the USA so I honestly didn’t fancy spending a heap load of money on shipping.

ANY HOOOO, after much internet stalking and searching, I was able to get my hands on a couple of great items to try.

Milani recently came out with some new gorgeous eye shadows called the BELLA EYES GEL POWDERS. That basically means that they start of as a gel then the formula allows it to transform into a powder eye-shadow with stunning colour pay off. They say it is alot easier to blend with your fingers and I am inclined to agree, the formula is able to transform better when the product is picked up and applied with fingers. They retail for $4.49 on the Milani website (also click here to read more about the product

In my haul, I purchase 15 out of 30 of these amazing single eye shadows (all purchased from here: If you live in the UK, shipping is super affordable and the price is still very good.

Click on the video below to watch my 15 Bella Eyeshadow LIVE SWATCH FEST.

Shall we carry on!!! I also when hunting for a few blushes from the ROSE and BAKED COLLECTIONS. To be honest, these were quite difficult to track down. I finally managed to get my hands on a few of the baked blushes and rose blushes. The baked blushes can be applied wet or dry (basically use fix plus to wet your brush then apply or just apply directly as a blush or a highlighter). 
How to ApplyGlide brush through color and lightly tap off excess powder. Lightly apply to cheeks, forehead, chin and/or nose and blend well for a soft glow” from (MILANI WEBSITE)

Click the video to Watch the Blush Swatches and Haul

The rose blushes cost a little more and were a little harder to track down. They are Luxurious in texture, Matte finishes and very silky to touch.They are also very easy to blend and a little goes a long way.

The ones i could find are:
Coral Cove:

Tea Rose:

Lady Rouge:

Love potion:

They are gorgeous aren’t they. I am still on the hunt for more of these blushes so please leave a comment down below if you know were I can get them at an affordable rate in the UK.
That is all she wrote guys, until my next post, stay blessed and be nice to someone today.

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