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BUY IT OR BYE IT? MUA lip Lacquer product review.

HAPPY NEW YEAR all and all that good stuff, I know it feels like I went AWOL but I have been trying to address my beauty space swell as keeping a happy home and happy husband. SO let me officially Welcome you to your amazing year of divine greatness, achievements and progression. Lets get things rolling with my first product review for the year shall we?

I am sure that most of you fab people are like me and are actually quite fed up with the whole LIP LACQUER craze!! every and all companies are or have come up with their own versions of the lacquers. I remember when I did a review of the RIMMEL APOCALYPSE LIP LACQUERS IN 2013, I was not a fan of that particular product to be honest and I want to say that it put me off drug store lip lacquers. 
Now in 2014-2015 we have more drug store releases of this type of product aswell as higher end releases from brands like MUA (UK), RUBY KISSES (AMERICAN), ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS (AMERICAN) and more. 
Today however, I am reviewing the UK Makeup Academy (MUA) Velvet luxe lip lacquers in Tranquility, Halcyon and kooky. 

Lets talk packaging: These lacquers retail for 3pounds in Superdrug and on the MUA website (UK), they come in a plastic, translucent container with a normal sponge/wand applicator. The have the MUA LUXE LONDON print written in gold on the cap of the tube which makes it look a bit more expensive than it originally is.

I think it is quite sleek looking, the only down side is the fact that finger prints and parks show quite easily on the body.

They come in more colours, I believe 10 in total (on the MUA website) so you are definitely sure to find a shade that suites you.


This is Kooky, it is a purple shade. I didn’t pair it with a lip liner because I want you to see how it looks on the lips. This particular color was very easy to apply, It didn’t feel sticky or look patchy and I didn’t have to layer it to get the full colour payout. I love this shade on a woman of color as an everyday lip product or if you are fair skinned, this will look amazing as a dramatic vampy shade.

This is Tranquility, it is a nude shade with a peachy undertone. This shade felt very weird to apply. It was harder to glide the wand on the lips. Application felt sticky and patchy and it took close to 30min before it finally dried out to a fully matte finish. Not a complete fan of the color but you can definitely make it work with a brown lip pencil.

Out of the 3, Halcyon was my fave. It is a peachy tone colour, it was a dream to apply and came out looking super pigmented with just one swipe. You don’t have to build the intensity of this colour as it applies seamlessly with no patches.


The formula of these lacquers is dry/matte so they apply slightly wet then dry down to a fully matte finish. to make sure application is seamless, line your lips with your chosen lip pencil and carefully fill in your lips a little at a time. A concealer/foundation and a brush can then be used to clean up any mistakes. watch my youtube video below to see how it looks once applied.


BUY IT OR BYE IT?? I would definitely say that it is worth it so (BUY IT), I will be buying more of the colours to try out. I wouldn’t advise layering the product as it is quite drying (not uncomfortable) and may end up flaking. A good lip exfoliation is needed before application because the product will sit in between any lip cracks or lines so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your lips.
You can also put a layer of gloss over it to give a bit more shine (although that defeats the purpose of having a matte lip lacquer). I found that it doesn’t have any offensive smell, application should however be the same for all the shades which is not the case(downside). I will advise that you visit the stores and swatch all the shades to test out consistency and colour payout before spending your hard earned money.
I hope this review was useful, if it was please feel free to reblog (credit me), share, comment and follow my blog, I will definitely love to know what your thoughts are. Till next time, be good and do something great for someone else today because God hates Ugly. 

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