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Charlotte Tilbury made me Bougie| BRIGHTENING YOUTH GLOW| Skincare Routine, 5 Steps for Oily/Sensitive Skin

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In this post I will share with you my tried and true skin care routine that works for my oily, sensitive skin. A bit of background about my skin type; I have combination to oily (majority oily skin) and I suffer from sensitive skin, ingrowing hairs, dark circles and generally dull looking skin. I have a full time job outside of my youtube and blogging life and as a result I wear makeup 5-6 days (sometimes 7) a week. I have also had a baby who is now 3 years old, so you can say my skin has and is going through a lot on a daily basis.  

We all know black don’t crack but its wise to reinforce the concrete.

In the morning, before makeup application

It is important to prep your skin before applying makeup, the skin can look generally tired in the morning, pores open and generally looking dull. I wear makeup for at least 12hours a day which means the base of my makeup has to be spot on to prevent acne, irritation and all round breakout. 

Step 1
Invest in a good Face Wash
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Smoothing Scrub
My go to face wash is the Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing smoothing scrub. I like this product because it really does work with your skin to help prevent breakout and clear existing spots. It is also oil free and suitable for sensitive skin. I find that my skin feels really soft and clean after use, I use this product morning and night (DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON). The face scrub is also affordable, it retails for £4.99 on the Superdrug website. Another alternatives is the: 
Step 2
Find a great Toner
This step is paramount for me as I personally can’t rely solely on a facewash and wipes to get my face totally clean. A toner is designed to remove the last traces of make-up and cleanser from your face.
Simple facial toner
My go to number 1 toner is the Simple soothing facial toner. This product is 100% alcohol free (you generally want to use products that are alcohol free on your face), great for sensitive skin and has multivitamin (Vitamin B5, Witch Hazel and Allantoin) in it. It also has no smell, perfume, or harsh chemicals. After going in with your face wash, you need your toner to be gentle on your skin as your pores are open at this point, any toner that gives a burning sensation is a big No No.

The best way to use this product is by applying it generously to a cotton wool pad and wipe in gentle upward movements over your skin morning and evening. I have tried other brands but none of them work for my sensitive skin as well as this product. It retails for £3.49 on Superdrug.

Step 3

It is extremely crucial for you to find a moisturiser that works for your skin. For many years, I used moisturisers that either dried out my skin or didn’t do much for the appearance or feel of my skin. The major things I look out for in a moisturiser are: SPF, Anti-aging, Paraben free, Anti-oxidants- Vitamin E.
Charlotte Tilbury, The Goddess of Skin gift set
I recently received The Gift of Goddess Skin set from Charlotte Tilbury and have been using it for 2weeks now. I have seen more difference in my skin and makeup application than I have in the last 5-6years. This is the one time where the product actually does what it says on the tin. The collection comes with Charlottes Magic Cream (12ml), Wonder Glow (15ml), Goddess Skin Clay Mask (15ml) and it retails for £39.00 on Charlotte Tilbury. The set is great for travelling and has one of the most beautiful packaging I have seen for skin care products. 

The Magic Cream is a moisturiser which contains ingredients designed to lift your complexion and intensely moisturise the skin. At the moment I reach for the product day and night as I do not currently have a night cream that works for me and I feel the plumpness it gives my skin. It contains SPF15 and anti UVA filter which also helps to protect the skin against anti-aging effects and also against the sun(not like we have much in the UK but you get my gist). 

It contains rosehip, camellia oils and antioxidant vitamin E which helps to transform dull completions and it is also paraben free. As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I have noticed about my skin is the dullness, I started seeing a notable difference in my skin after 2 days of using this product – It looked brighter and more youthful. This product comes in a 50ml jar for £70 or in a 150ml jar for £180 on Charlotte Tilbury site. It is pricey I know but when you have spent a lot of money and time on dead end skin care products that do not work and you finally find the one that does, it becomes worth the money. Plus you get a lot of product in the jar, I have been using the travel set magic cream which contains 12ml of product for 2 weeks now, day and night. and i still have not run out 

Another added product I have been using on top of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is the newly launched Brightening Youth Glow

Brightening Youth Glow

This product is a skin brightening moisturising primer. It helps with colour correcting especially my dark spots, redness and dark circles. It has pearlescent pigments in it which help to give my skin an even tone and help to blur away blemishes. It also has anti-aging ingredients (chlorella and Vitamin B3). This product can be used as a base for makeup or worn on its own for a glow. Personally I use this product on top of the Magic cream as an extra boost to my skin on the days I don’t wear makeup or wear it on top of the magic cream before my primer. This product retails for £38.50 on the Charlotte Tilbury site.

For days I wear makeup, I apply the Wonder Glow Face primer as an additional step. This is because I wear full coverage foundation and would like to make sure there is a good barrier between my skin and the foundation. If you wear sheer coverage foundation, bb cream, cc cream or just face powder then the Brightening Youth Glow will be a sufficient primer. 

Charlotte Tilbury, The Goddess of Skin gift set
The Wonder Glow Face Primer works well for my dehydrated, dull skin. It contains ingredients designed to give your complexion an instant lift, a dewy but not oily look and an all round youthful experience. I saw a visible difference after 2 days, I kid you not. My foundation laid on top of the primer with ease and lasted a long time. It is paraben free and contains anti-aging elements. This product retails for £38.50 on Charlotte Tilbury.
Step 4
Find a good Facial Spray

Although not essential, it helps with lifting dull/tired looking skin. The cooling hydration provides antioxidant protection leaving the skin looking refreshed and revitalised.

The Mario Badescue Facial Spray with Cucumber , Aloe and Green Tea is perfect for rejuvenating tire/ dull skin. this can be used before you moisturise, after or during the day after makeup application. The Aloe vera in it helps to soothe the skin, the cucumber helps with hydration and the green tea is a natural antioxidant. 

I use this product after applying my wonder glow primer before my makeup application to help refresh the moisturiser and my face. I also use it after makeup application to help my makeup sit properly on my face and to hydrate my skin. This product comes in two sizes, 236ml and 118ml from

Step 5, other products:

I know everyone likes face masks and scrubs, it is great to have apply a  face mask at least once a week (oily skin with large pores). 

Give Me Bubble Mask
I just started using this GIVE ME Bubble Mask from and I must say I like the immediate effect of it. It is described as a deep cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating clay mask made from natural mud that contributes to pore and oil control. The mask is designed to react with the oxygen in the air, creating tiny bubbles which help the ingredients sink into your skin for maximum nourishment. 

It is vegan friendly and helps to exfoliate the skin. I love using it after I take off my makeup with a cleaning wipe or micellar water as an added step to ensuring my skin is clean and clear of any makeup residue. The product also hydrates my skin, cleans and unclogs my pores and helps to remove blackheads.
I also love using the Charlotte Tilbury goddess skin clay mask once a week. This product helps to tighten my pores, moisturise my skin and helps to clear blemishes. I feel my skin looks dewy, brighter and generally healthier.
Charlotte Tilbury goddess skin clay mask
This product is known to work well for people who generally have dry or problematic skin. It retails for £38.

Eye cream
As you are aware, I suffer from dark circles but trust me it is a lot better than 2 years ago. I have tried using various eye creams but I always come back to the Superdrug Vitamin E eye cream.

This product contains glycerine which helps to improve the appearance of the eye which is delicate. I started using this cream religiously after I had my son and I have and continue to see a huge improvement in my under eye dark circles and bags. I apply it day and night to my dark circles and also on my lids, it is also cruelty free.

Additional info: if you are like me and you suffer from a dark neck, use the superdrug vitamin E all over body cream religiously; day and night. It is a powerful antioxidant which revitalises and protects the skin.

Face wipes

My all time favourite wipes is the No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes. These wipes are suitable for all skin types and removes mascara, trust me it removes all type of mascara’s. It is fragrance free, it removes all trace of makeup from my face, it contains pro-vitamin B5 which helps to to moisturise and soften, plus extracts of witch hazel and fennel which help to clear pores and leave skin feeling fresh. It retails for £7.00 but always offer 3 for 2 on No7 products so I always get a good deal on them. 

Micellar water

Not much to say about Garner Micellar Water, everyone knows and loves it so off course it is my favourite product to use when taking off my makeup. This product is great for sensitive skin, removes make up and soothes the skin at the same time. It has no perfume and is suitable for the eye area, face and lips plus you can get a 400ml bottle for £3.33 from

You know the saying “spend a little and receive a lot”, the same principle applies here. Spend money on your skin and watch it blossom.

Thats all folks, I hope my skin care routine helps someone put there. Please share this post with your friends and family, someone out there might need the information. Font forget to click this link if you would like to get £15 off your first Charlotte Tilbury Purchase. 
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