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I was feeling uninspired, in a funk and just generally blah for a few months and this was due to the fact that most the big makeup brands we all know and love were not putting out exciting products. We were seeing the same products just repackaged in fancier packaging, nothing new and exciting on the scene. I really wanted to experience new innovations so for the last few months, I have had the privilege of trying out different UK indie beauty brands.
In this post, I will share a few of the ones that are making a positive impact in the beauty industry, no matter how small.

What is an indie brand I hear you ask?
The answer is in the name really, an indie brand is an independently owned brand/ business or retailer that doesn’t rely on or is not backed by any corporation. Most times the start-up money comes from the owner/retailers pockets.

In no particular order, here are my top 4 indie UK brands you should check out…

1: Lapaigetrends

This is a black-owned makeup brand that celebrates all types of beauty. I first experience lapaigetrends a while ago and I immediately fell in love with their work ethic and the quality of their products. They specialize in Lashes, Brushes and are a stockist for Isoken Enofe (a black-owned USA brand). The products they create are made for everyone; ranging from makeup artists to makeup enthusiasts or just everyday consumers.

The products are Cruelty-free, fantastic quality and super affordable. I especially love the overall brand aesthetic and the attention to detail. You get a thank you card with every purchase, the packaging of the products and the mail packaging come in a girly pink and gold color which melts my heart every time. I have had the pleasure of working with them on a few of their product launches and I must say they are yet to disappoint me. Some of my favorite products from them are:

They make silk synthetic lashes that come in a variety of styles. Rest assured that all the styles are super unique and stand out. I especially love the lashes because they can be used up 20 times if you properly take care of them plus they are all cruelty-free. The single lashes range in price from £8-£10 which is a bargain in my book.
Some of my favorite individual lash styles are Emerald, Rosie, Amethyst, Peach, and Jazmina.

Emerald Lashes
Rosie Lashes

They also have a selection of lash sets which would suit a variety of needs such as makeup artistry or good ole fashion makeup lover such as myself. The Lash Trio set is one of the newest releases, it comes with a set of 3 distinct lashes that are easy to wear, very stylish and are comfortable on the eyes. I especially love the packaging of this collection because it didn’t completely stray away from the overall brand aesthetic but stood out enough for you know it was a new collection.


Lash Trio
Lash Trio
Lapaigetrends eyelash collection
Opal, Citrine, and Pearl
Lapaigetrends definitely makes some of my favorite lashes till date and I urge you to check them out plus they ship worldwide.

Video demonstrations of a few of their products:

2: Eunique Beauty

They are a black-owned UK brand that specializes in handmade cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free. They make fabulous glitters, super pigmented eyeshadows, amazing highlighters, and beautiful lipsticks. Being a brand ambassador for them has given me the opportunity to try out a vast range of the products they have on offer and let me just say… AMAZEBALLS. The fact that they are handmade, super pigmented (yes the products show up like crazy on chocolate skin) and are affordable too means they deserve to be on this list.


Some of my favorite products from them include: 

Eyeshadows: The eyeshadows are sold individually or in sets. They are highly pigmented, easy to blend and come in different finishes.

Singles from the Giuls collaboration
A makeup look using the Giuls bundle
Single eyeshadow swatches: Dawn, Trance, RoseGold, Smurfette, Nebula, Winkle, Chasm, Phoenix
A makeup look using Eunique rosegold, nebula, dawn, chasm eyeshadows
Eunique pressed glitter swatches
Pressed glitters: The pressed glitters can be bought individually or sold as a set and they come in an array of shades. You are probably going to read this sentence again and again but trust me, it is true. You do not need a base or a glitter adhesive for these pressed glitters (yep for real). They can be easily applied using your finger or your brush. The glitter doesn’t feel chunky and is not uncomfortable on the lids plus they are super affordable.
Eunique also makes glitter creams, though I am yet to try it out, I am convinced it would be another amazing innovative product.

Makeup looks wearing Euniquebeauty glitter eyeshadows
EuniqueBeauty Pixie Dust Highlighters
Loose highlighter pigments: The Pixie dust loose highlighters are one of my favorite products to date from Eunique. This collection comes in 5 unique shades and they can be used for a variety of things; as eyeshadow, on the lips, as a highlighter or mix it into a moisturizer for a full body glow.
Liquid lipsticks

I have tested out 7 of the 16 matte liquid lipsticks they have on offer. Each liquid lipstick retails for £7.99 and comes in a range of gorgeous colors. 
Click here to watch a video of my lip swatch and review.

I am excited about the future of this brand and all the amazing products they have released and are working on. They also ship internationally so definitely check them out. 

Eunique Beauty Instagram 

3. Certifeye

Certifieye started out being one of my favorite glitter companies providing amazing quality glitters for a seriously affordable price. I am so proud to see how far they have come and all the amazing collections and products they have and are working on.


Fantasy makeup look using black glitter from Certifeye

They specialize in cosmetic and grooming products and they are cruelty-free. I especially love the quality of the glitters because they don’t irritate my highly sensitive eyes and you get a variety of shades. Its loose form also allows you more creative freedom and gives you the chance to mix shades and come up with your personal concussion.

Fantasy makeup look using sugar blue and white glitter from Certifeye
Aside from gorgeous glitters, eyelashes, liquid lipsticks, lip pencils, and makeup brushes, Certifeye makes really pigmented eyeshadow palettes. I have had the pleasure of playing and testing out the Tropical Wonders Palette, Majestic Palette, Dynasty Palette, Destiny Palette, and the Define and Shine Duo.
Majestic Palette 
This palette is perfect for everyday looks, all the eyeshadows blend perfectly together without any fuss.
Certifeye Majestic Palette Arm Swatches
Certifeye Majestic Palette Makeup Look
Certifeye Majestic Palette Makeup Look

The Define and Shine Duo

Certifeye Define and Shine Duo

This highlighter is not your typical highlighter, it has a cream like/compressed finish to it that looks so beautiful on the skin. It doesn’t look powdery and doesn’t just sit on the skin, it blends in well and illuminates. It’s so pretty and would work on a lot of skin tones. The contour shade is very creamy and easy to apply. It is a perfect shade for me but if you are darker than me then this might not work for you. I hope Certifeye expand the contour shade range as the highlighter would work on a lot of skin tones. 

 Certifeye Define and Shine Duo

The Tropical Wonders Palette
This palette contains a range of gorgeous, vivid and cool toned shades. All the shades in this palette are matte and pack a punch, it is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Certifeye Tropical Wonders Palette
Certifeye Tropical Wonders Palette and Holodecent Lilac Glitter

The Dynasty Palette

This palette is equally as gorgeous and pigmented as the tropical wonders palette contains 12 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades, all the colors work well together and are easy to blend. It is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Certifeye The Dynasty Palette Swatches on dark skin
Certifeye The Dynasty Palette

The Destiny Palette

The Destiny Palette, arm swatches
This is the newest palette release from the brand and I am living for it. This palette has 18 gorgeous and easy to blend shades; 4 shimmers and 14 mattes. It is also Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-Free. I had no issues whatsoever during swatches or application. I love the ease of this palette and different gradation of shades not to mention the PIGMENT.
I am really excited for what this brand has to offer and all the new products they are working on. They have recently released a range of highlighters and blushes which are super affordable and highly pigmented.
Certifeye on instagram

4. Blush Tribe

Blush Tribe is a relatively young company (June 2017) but has already achieved greatness by releasing some pretty awesome products. It is a UK based indie brand that produces cruelty-free prody=ucts ranging from synthetic makeup brushes, liquid lipsticks, vegan-friendly false eyelashes to eyeshadow palettes and loose pigments.
I am particularly in love with this brand because the owner is humble, listens to feedback and appreciates the support from, customers and influencers.
Here is a selection of products I have tried from this brand.
Blush Tribe The Hasina Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow palette has a really beautiful, colorful packaging design and boasts if 8 matte and 7 shimmer shades. The colors definitely pack a punch and are not for the faint-hearted, if you love color, you will love her.

Blush Tribe The Hasina Eyeshadow

Titanium Dust Pigments

These dust pigments are very versatile, they can be used wet or dry on the eyes, face or body. They come in little jars and are super pigmented, you only need the tiniest amount to achieve your desired look.

The Hasina 2 Palette

The Hasina 2 Palette
This palette has a cool tone theme, 8 mattes and 7 shimmers and it is Cruelty-free. The packaging is very creative and colorful, sure to get your creative juices flowing.
A makeup look using The Hasina 2 Palette

Beautiful color story and crazy pigment. The shimmer shades are stunning and have a lot of pigmentation to them, the matte shades work well when you layer them and they also blend out like a dream.
Shop Blush Tribe cosmetics here

There you have it, my top 4 UK indie brands that are coming for blood. But seriously, I appreciate the time and effort that these brands put into their products, they are doing an amazing job and deserve more recognition. If you haven’t heard of these brands or experienced their products, I suggest you do, you won’t be disappointed.
Are there any other UK indie brands that you are loving? please share in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for stopping by, until the next post….
Medeaij xoxo

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