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Hi guys and dolls,

How have you all been? How is Life and all that good stuff? Now Lets get down to what this blog post is all about. I have been itching to do a massive review of MAKEUP REVOLUTION but as I promised, I will be doing a review of the company as a whole and most of all the products I have and also a HUGE GIVEAWAY once I get to 500 subscribers on my youtube channel. If you cannot wait for that, all you have to do is subscribe and help me reach that goal, click here to subscribe.

Lately, the company has been expanding like crazy… they have reformulated a few of their products and also released a range of new exciting items. Honestly, I dint think I cam keep up with them… they are on a serious mission.

They have released a few pro palettes: ICONIC PRO 1 & 2, BIG LOVE, STRIPPED BARE AND EAT SLEEP MAKEUP REPEAT. However this blog post is about the Iconic pro 1 & 2 palettes as they were the two that really caught my attention.


The ICONIC 1 palette has a new formula, new packaging a pro double ended brush (THANK GOD).

I personally love the matte packaging, It gives it a more sophisticated touch and makes it look more expensive than it really is. This product is priced at 6.99pounds.

I definitely feel that the added pro brush that actually works is a great touch to the palette. The brush is synthetic with a flat side for shadow application and a tapered blending side for blending. Most drug store products never have good brushes that can actually be used. I love the fact that the company takes the advice and complaints of their customers seriously and strive to improve the overall look and feel of the products they launch.

According to the company, the eyeshadows are “soft and butter like in its application”& “easy to blend”. The palette has a row of matte shades and a row of shimmer/satin shades which actually give versatility to the palette.
I have a Youtube video showing a comparison between the ICONIC 1 palette and the LORAC PRO palette as well as some more information regarding the two palettes. Please click on the video below to watch.
In the video,  I used the ICONIC 1 palette to create a makeup look, I have added a few images to this blog post for you to see what it looks likes.

A soft neutral smoky eye will look great on anyone. This look is super easy to achieve and I used only the ICONIC PRO 1 palette to achieve this look. No lashes just natural drama.

I teamed this eye look with a well defined facial structure. This can easily be achieved through HIGHLIGHTING AND CONTOURING.

My highlight and blush is also from Makeup revolution (product names are stated in the youtube review, click here to watch).

A great Vampy lip, ties the whole look together. I used one of the gorgeous Lippie sticks from Colourpop Cosmetics.


The ICONIC PRO 2 palette comes in a reflective gold box with the name clearly written on the cover.

The palette comes in a matte black cover with ICONIC PRO written on it, unfortunately it does not say PRO 2 which it really should.

This palette has also been called a dupe by beauty bloggers for the LORAC PRO 2 palette.
It also has a row of matte and a row of shimmer shades with pops of colours for more versatile and brighter looks.

The palette also has a pro brush and a film with the names of the eye shadow written on it.

Here are a few swatches of some of the shimmer shades, to be honest, the photograph does not do this palette any justice as the colours pop more and are more vibrant. 
Please click only my youtube video above as I stated the PROS & CONS of these palettes in that video. 
Makeup Revolution is currently being sold on their website and on Superdrug website and in stores.
Generally I would definitely recommend these palettes as great go to palettes. They are great for someone who is just starting out with makeup as you can create a range of gorgeous looks and the price point is amazing. They are also great for blending looks together (if you are more experienced with eyeshadows) these palettes have great transition and blending colours ranging from cool tone to warm the colours.
The company does INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING so feel free to indulge in the 6.99pounds price point.

Thats all folks, please feel free to share, like and comment on this post. I would definitely like to know what you think about these palettes and if you will be indulging in them. Thanks so much for reading and watching and I will catch you loves in my next post. xoxo

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