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HOW TO| Wear Liquid lipsticks + Demo

Hello my darling Love bugs,

I have really been feeling myself over the past few weeks, self love is really important. If you are able to love yourself completely then you will never feel low or unloved by anyone else… just some words of wisdom before I kick todays blog post off.

This post is about the much raved about Liquid Lipsticks. Majority of companies all over the world have come up with a some type of liquid lipstick, they vary from complete MATTES, STAINS, GLOSSY, CREAM  and more.

So I took the time to record a HOW TO video on how to effectively apply the different types of Liquid lipsticks so as to get the full value for your money. Please click on the video below to watch….

I forgot to mention the name of the products I use on a daily basis to effectively exfoliate and moisturise my lips when rocking these products. I have and will always use the MARY KAY, Satin lips mask and balm, I have various other brands and have always found my way back to these two products, I highly recommend them.

I am also aware that a lot of you do not know where to get these products so I will leave links to the lip products used aswell as pictures showing the finished result for reference purposes.

I applied Mac Cosmetics Chestnut lip pencil (my favourite brown lip pencil of all time), Then Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin right over. This Matte lipstick is slowly becoming my favourite of the lot, It is vegan and animal cruelty free (you can’t beat that right?). It also lasts hours and hours and I find that I do not have to keep reapplying the product.

Watch the video above on how to apply for a flawless look. I know some of you (UK Ladies) are hesitant when it comes to ordering from the US, the best advice I can give is always pay through PAYPAL ONLY, leave a little bit of money on the side for Customs charges (just incase). Overall it pays to buy straight from the retailer and I totally recommend it.

I applied Vintage from Anastasia beverley hills (full coverage intense matte lip liquid) only. Please refer to video for application process.

In my personal opinion, this product (Colour especially) is super pigmented and very beautiful. The only down side is that it does not dry completely matte and tends to shift. The product boasts of being a “matte lipstick liquid that sets all day”, this is unfortunately not true in my opinion. It is still worth the money though and I love it.

I applied Redd lip pencil from Mac Cosmetics and Sexy Red Lip lacquer from Ruby Kisses. This lacquer was sent to me from America so I did not purchase it here in the UK but I know a retailer that carries these products, Click here to buy. I Absolutely love these lacquers, they are super creamy, the coverage is unreal, long lasting and super affordable. I completely recommend this product, if you love non sticky liquid lipsticks, then this bad boy is for you.

I applied Orange Coral lip lacquer from Ruby Kisses to my moisturised lips. Can I Just say how breath taking this colour is!!! it is definitely going to be one of my go to Spring Lip products. This product was also bought and sent to me by a dear friend but you can purchase it here from a UK supplier.

I applied Nightmoth lip pencil from Mac Cosmetics then applied NYX Lip cream in Copenhagen over top. Hmm, where do I begin with this item? Let me start with the positives, It is a matte lip cream but doesn’t dry down to a lip cracking finish (it is moisturizing). The range of colours are amazing and it is affordable BUT, it is patchy. I find that I NEED a lip pencil or else it will look like a hot mess. You will also need to apply this throughout the day as the colour shifts and gets patchy (doesn’t matter how much you apply). In my opinion, I would avoid buying these personally.    Please refer to the video for more info.

I applied Magnolia Cosmetics Velour Galore Lip stain in Lady Like… I have nothing to say about this product, I hate lip stains but for the purpose of this video, I purchased one to show you how to apply it. Please refer to the video for a guide.

I have to say that this is the under dog of the whole lot. I applied Makeup Revolution Liquid Lip lava in Fire storm. Only pet peeve, the name of this particular color is not written on the actual product. I cannot say for certain if that is the case for all the colours as I possess only this one in my collection but for the price, I will let that mistake slide. I was pleasantly surprised buy this product and I see why people call it a dupe for the Too faced Melted lip products. It is very nourishing and hydrating on the lips. This is a definite go to item for me and I will be purchasing more colours for sure.

I applied NYX lip pencil in Purple rain then LA girl Glazed lip paint in Bombshell over top. these glazed lip paints have the same finish as a high quality lip gloss but with intense colour payoff. They are also nourishing and have a touch of peppermint oil in them which feels soothing on the lips.

Well thats all she wrote folks, I would definitely love to know which finishes you prefer and what other types of lip products you own. Remember that you can keep up with me daily on instagram. Please make sure you watch the youtube video and while you are at it, why not hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks so much for watching and reading and I will catch you on my next post. 

Disclaimer: I purchased/was gifted all these products and I was not paid by any of the companies mentioned in this video and on my blog. All opinions are my own and this is how I love to apply liquid lipsticks so take from it what you will.

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